" How Medical Sales Reps Can Use VIDEO SALES CALLS strategically for More Access & More Sales with Doctors, Dentists, and Other HCPs "

Presented by: Mace Horoff, President
Medical Sales Academy

 This Time Sensitive Training Reveals How to Thrive Using VIDEO CONFERENCING in The New Normal - Absolutely FREE!

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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
How To Use Video Sales Calls To Distinguish Value & Create Sales Opportunities Almost Instantly!
The old rules of medical sales no longer apply. In this new normal, considering new products is often low priority for HCPs. Medical reps who leverage video conferencing technology can create new sales opportunities more easily.
How To Make Video Sales Calls Easy For Yourself & Easy For Doctors & Other HCPs To Use
Medical reps can use virtual selling to either delight customers or kill sales. It's all about strategy and employing a process. to overcome a customer's natural resistance. Reps who make virtual calls simple and valuable gain the advantage and avoid frustrating failures.
How to Book More Appointments With HCPs Using Video vs. Trying To See Them In-Person
Since COVID-19, access to HCPs and healthcare facilities has  been greatly diminished. Medical reps can overcome access obstacles with video using counterintuitive sales strategies that are incredibly effective.

In this FREE Training, you'll learn how to use video sales calls to access, engage, and sell more... and to avoid misusing the technology (like most sales reps) as just a more efficient way to irritate customers and generate no's.

WARNING: Your Future in Medical Sales Hinges On Your Ability To Adapt Right Now!
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